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 Important Must Read!

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PostSubject: Important Must Read!   Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:57 pm

Ok as some of you may know, this forum has been out of control with everyone doing some crazy things. At first we were going to just close everything down, but I was thinking it wasn't going to be fair for a lot of people that really injoy being here. From here on out there are going to be a few new changes as of what I would call "house rules." First thing first if you have not been assigned a tester by either me(GraveKeeperRozay), Bootercup1, Cloudburst7, or Xdogyo then it's not ok to run around doing so. Teachers I will be having a meeting with you tonight about what you guys should and should not do. Also for some reason I have people making more than one account, if caught you will be automatically banned for 1 week with deletion of the other accounts. If any rules are broking at anytime, you will be handled with immediately. On the subject of changes on this forum, some of you may have to be tested again for you are not in the correct dorms. Sorry for all the problems you may have countered, but we are striving to moved forward.

In other news:
We are currently looking for some new testers, if you think you qualify to test please Pm me and I will get right to you.

There will be our first tournament hosted on the 7th of March, this friday, I will be posting the information in the battle section of the forum. Let the best Man (or Woman) Win.

If you have any questions please Pm either GravekeeperRozay, Or Bootercup1. Thank you and have a wonderful week!
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PostSubject: Re: Important Must Read!   Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:15 pm

May i suggest if you see people making new accounts from the same ip address then delete the account and warn them, if offense is repeated then 1 week ban.
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Important Must Read!
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