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 Official Testers Test

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PostSubject: Official Testers Test   Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:25 pm

We have been fiddling around with the testers test and now managed to find a more accurate way of doing things:

After you applied, you will get to test a member of the academy that volunteered. Cloud, GravekeeperRozay, or Bootercup1 will be watching your duels. You will then proceed to send me your evaluation, and should both our results be similar or should I agree to yours, you will be welcomed in the testers.
Should the evaluation differ greatly from my perception, you have a chance to explain to me why you gave what you gave.
Also, if I decide that you misplay too often, don't know rulings etc. We will interfere in the duel and stop your test.

You can take this test once every time a tester is needed. Once all tester positions fill up, you'll have to wait till the next spot opens!

Each time you fail the Test
You will have to wait an extra week
1st test) 1 week
2nd test) 2 weeks
3rd test) 3 weeks
and etc.
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Official Testers Test
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