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 Intro to Yu-gi-oh!

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PostSubject: Intro to Yu-gi-oh!   Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:24 pm

~To the new players out there~
That is if some eventually come to DDA


Yellow Card: Normal Monster
Orange Card: Effect Monster
Purple Card: Fusion Monster
Blue Card: Ritual Monster
Green Card: Spell
Magenta Card: Trap

~Monsters that include tuner in it's name can be used for synchro summoning~

Stars: level of monster
(located only on monsters)

Extra deck: Where Xyz/Synchro/fusion monsters go

Life points: what tells your "health" during a duel

Normal Summoning:

You can normal summon a monster once per turn~
A normal summon is when you play a monster with a level 1-4 directly onto the field without any special summoning effects
A normal summon is playing the monster in Face Up Attack mode, or Face Down Defense mode.
When you play it in face down defense it is called a set

Special Summoning:

A special summon is when you use a card effect to summon a monster.
Can only be summoned in face up attack or face up defense
YOU CAN SPECIAL SUMMON ANY NUMBER OF TIMES PER TURN unless told otherwise by a card effect~


When you send a monster from your field to the grave

Level 1-4: summoned from your hand
Level 5-6: You need to send one monster from your field to the grave to summon
Level 7+: You need to send two monsters from your field to the grave to summon


Synchro summoning is when you add the level of a Tuner and a Non Tuner*s* monster, and summon a Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck of that exact level.

XYZ summoning is when you put on card on top of the other to summon a Xyz monster from your extra deck with the level of the overlayed cards

Fusion summoning is when you send to cards to the grave/remove from play to summon a fusion monster with the required monsters to create a more powerful one with a card such a Polymerization


Attack - ATK on card.
Defense - DEF on card.
Type - Listed on card. Above effect/card text.
Attribute - Illustrated on top left corner on card.

Both in ATK: If the attack of one monster is greater than a monster it battles, the opponent takes the difference in attack as direct damage, and that monster is *usually* destroyed.
One in ATK on in DEF: If the attack is the same as defense, both monsters survive, and no damage is inflicted to either player.
If the attack is lower, the attacking player loses the difference in stats as damage.
If the attack is higher, the defense monster is destroyed, and no damage is calculated.


Field Spell - Goes in the field card zone. Can only be played during your turn and stays on the field until destroyed.

Normal Spells - Goes into the normal spell/trap zone. Can only be played during your turn. Stays on the field unless otherwise specified.

Quick Play Spells - Goes into the normal spell/trap zone. Can be used during your turn from hand, but cannot be used the same turn it is set. Can be used on opponents turn as a trap. Stays on the field unless otherwise specified

Equip Spells - Goes into the normal spell/trap zone. You target a monster on the field, and equip it with the card. The equip stays on the field as long as the monster does.

Continuous Spells - Goes into the normal spell/trap zone. Stays on field until destroyed, unless otherwise specified.

Ritual Spells - These are used to summon Ritual Monsters. They normally require a tribute from the field EQUAL TO OR GREATER to the level of the target Ritual monster. Ritual Spells can only play a ritual monster from the hand unless told otherwise.


Traps cannot be used the same turn they are set~

You may play as many traps per turn as you want, as long as they've been set for at least one turn. All traps are set on the normal spell/trap card zone, and cannot be used until the next player's turn.

Normal Trap - goes to grave after used
Continuous trap - Stays on field until destroyed

What Can you do?

Chain: when you activate a cards effect on another cards effect


When you draw a card from your main deck each turn unless told otherwise by card effect

If there are no cards left to draw and your opponent still has cards you lose. This is called "Deck out"

Searching your deck:

Searching Your Deck - When you look through your deck, pick a specific card, and add it to your hand, or play it to the field. You can only do this if a card tells you you can.
When you search your deck, you shuffle afterwards~

Phases of a players turn:

Standby Phase - Short Period before draw phase. Where cards that activate specifically in the phase
Draw Phase - For your once per turn mandatory draw
Main Phase 1 - You can summon/set monsters and activate/set spells and traps
Battle Phase - Solely for attacking. Any number of ATK position monsters can attack.
Main Phase 2 - Same as main phase 1
End phase - Where any End Phase effects activate and tells its your opponents turn to go

"As long as there are monsters that'll fight by my side until the very end, I'll keep on fighting!" Jaden Yuki
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Intro to Yu-gi-oh!
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